Today on Planet Green


:: Meet Charlie Cornelius of Iglu Organic Restaurant and learn what makes him tick.

:: Kelly reviews The Gate Vegetarian Cookbook by Adrian and Michael Daniel and tells you whether it's worth having in your library.

:: Conquer your clutter once and for all with these five simple steps.

:: Pump up your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, and improve your wellbeing with five easy 15-minute workouts.

:: Go on a culinary adventure by cooking a vegetable you've never seen before.

:: Find out why you should upgrade your CRT clunker to a sleek flat-screen display.

:: If horked-up hairballs and puppy piddle have you in a funk, discover how to whisk away the offending stench, without using chemicals.

:: Blast your tunes using the power of the sun at your next beach party by building this surprisingly affordable solar-powered boom box.

:: Are you feeding your infant mostly artificial fillers? We walk you through making your own organic baby food from scratch.

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