Today on Planet Green


:: Fight cancer with turmeric and ginger. Kelly shows us how.

:: Find out what workspace clutter says about you, and what you can do about it.

:: Here's a space-saving idea: Turn your PC into a TV.

:: Brighten the gray winter days by attracting birds to your backyard. You can even make a birdbath using materials you already have.

:: Piece together a patchwork quilt from discarded woolen sweaters.

:: Are you seeing double? What's up with cloned meat?

:: If you want to save time, money, and energy at the supermarket, try on this tip for size.

:: Your snipped-off tresses at the hair salon can do much more than sit idly in the trash, and no, we're not talking about sending them to Locks of Love.

:: When was the last time your PC caught some Z's?

:: Test your polar bear IQ.

:: Learn all about shade-grown coffee and what it means for the world's birds and rainforests.

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