Today on Planet Green


:: Discover which foods we should be eating—and which we should be avoiding—to reduce the risk of cancer.

:: Have you calculated your water footprint?

:: Build a cat tree using found materials.

:: Be a savvy shopper: Figure out which fruits and vegetables are truly in season using this handy three-month rule.

:: Free money for your energy-efficient purchase could be just a click away.

:: Before you drop your cash for that expensive power tool, learn where you can borrow one for free.

:: Make a mouthwatering Asian tofu and noodle soup.

:: Who needs a surgeon? Learn how to give yourself DIY cardiac bypass surgery.

:: Lend, borrow, and trade stuff with friends using a nifty Facebook tool.

:: Here are our top 14 ways for reusing empty CD jewel cases.

:: Design and build your own "bale chair".

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