Today on Planet Green


:: Learn how to gussy up used jugs, canisters, and other containers into playful storage containers kids young and old will love.

:: Invigorate your skin with an easy-peasy rosewater spritzer that will draw out your inner Laura Ingalls.

:: Billions upon billions of batteries are purchased, used, and discarded in America every year. Find out how you can cut that number down, while keeping toxins out of the waste stream.

:: How much info is TMI when it comes to what's printed on your wine labels?

:: Help save the planet, simply by yakking it up as usual on your cell phone.

:: If you've been trying to persuade friends and family members to kick the bottled-water habit, forwarding them this post is a good start.

:: Are your kids begging you to buy that as-seen-on-TV Moon Sand? Make your own squishable, moldable version on the cheap.

:: Collin dishes on how you can eat local, farm-fresh foods all year round.

:: It's time to put your house on a detox diet and make it over into the non-polluting haven you've always envisioned. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite posts from 2007.

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