Today on Planet Green


Instead of buying more stuff for Christmas this year, what about giving someone a piece of family history, instead?

Become a chef by New Year's with these five cookbooks

Ken Rother, vice president of Planet Green Interactive, did one better than us by making a greener LED Hanukiyyah than we originally featured

Plaster your photos, music, and videos on a variety of e-cards, digital scrapbooks, and slide shows, for free

If you're running out of space, consider using your staircase for storage

Make your own paint out of clay and starch

We feature a fern that practically sucks up arsenic from contaminated soil around your home

Collin shows us how to whip up some homemade yogurt in a flash

Throw an eco-friendly baby shower, just like the one Sheryl Crow had

Recycle your old magazines and catalogs into holiday decorations you can festoon around your house

Get kissable lips by mixing up our easy-peasy bittersweet chocolate & orange lip balm

You may have measured your own carbon footprint. But how large is your kid's?

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