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Solar Power in Strange Places Take solar power, for example - we can now use it in our everyday lives in some pretty extraordinary and surprising ways. These five solar powered products are fine examples of the ever-expanding frontier of green technology.

Advantages of Electric over Gas There are those who believe that there will never be another form of propulsion better than the age old combustion engine that has been around for over 100 years, and those who see "gas" as not only a very ancient and inefficient source of energy, but also very destructive.

Refuse Styrofoam at the CounterPolystyrene emerged in the dark ages of convenience. Its residue will be around for many thousands of years. While some progressive businesses have turned to compostable packaging, most still use Styrofoam or plastic when packing up your food purchase. Why? It is inexpensive, meets current health code, and businesses assume that their customers are OK with it.

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