Today On Planet Green


Urban Heat Islands An urban heat island is an area of a city or an entire city that is much warmer than it should be. The sun beats down upon the hapless metropolis. The surface areas of the looming skyscrapers and the gaping asphalt roofs absorb the sun's heat like greedy sponges, and the temperature significantly rises.

Change the Way You Work Every morning across seven continents, 402 million people rise ahead of the Sun to drag themselves into that smog-filled, oil-fuelled nightmare called the morning commute. Why?

Acquainting Yourself with Your Local Farmers Next time you visit your local farmers' market, ask questions, lots of them. You'll be amazed to learn about what goes into growing the crops that end up on your dinner table.

Drive-Through Alternatives Drive-through lines are the product of cheap gasoline, sprawl, and just plain laziness.