Thumbs Up! The Top 20 TreeHugger Stories You Stumbled Upon in 2008

10. The Diesel Tree: Grow Your Own Oil -- It does sound strange, but "the Brazilian Copaifera langsdorfii tree, to use its botanical name, can be tapped not unlike a rubber tree, but instead of yielding rubbery latex it gives up a natural diesel." The liquid can be filtered and poured directly into a diesel tractor or truck.

9. Cyclists Fight Back with Exploding Bike Lock -- Steal my bike and get sprayed in ink! That's the idea, at least, behind this design concept for a new, "colorful" bike lock.

8. Teen Finds Way to Decompose Plastic Bags in Just 3 Months! -- While the solution is not have turtles eat the plastic as the intro image to this post seems to indicate - this teenagers idea is pretty awesome if it works. It's great our youth are thinking about such issues and trying to find solutions. Go youth!

7. Ubercool "Mexican walking fish" Nearing Extinction -- The Axolotl salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum) is enough of a natural tough guy that it can regenerate limbs. Take an arm, it doesn't care. It'll be right back to slap you around with a fresh new arm before you know it. But, tough as it is, it can't stand up to constant pollution from humans. Our waste is leading to tough times for these little fellas. Not cool.

Images via GreenUpgrader

6. Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles -- Did the monks drink all of these beers? I don't know. They won't say. But it's still an impressive feat and would win awards in fraternity beer bottle sculpture contests at almost all of the major universities.

Image: Levitate Architects.

5. Bigger Better Bookcase Stair -- Don't you just find yourself continuously longing to sit on a nice wooden staircase and read? You don't? Oh, well, um, yeah, me neither. But I do love saving space and getting to higher ground when needed, so this stair case floats my boat to the second floor.

4. Less is the New More: Making the Most of Small Spaces -- Have you seen that Seinfeld episode where Kramer talks about installing "levels" into his apartment? I hope this is what he had in mind, because this is awesome. I love the different configurations.

3. We're The Big Three. We Don't Need to Compete. -- In a good piece of thought-provoking satire, this sharply sarcastic faux advertisement poking fun at the mindset of The Big Three automakers hits hard and makes you think. It's no wonder it has become an internet sensation. My mom even got it as a chain email. That's big time.

2. Farming The Sun: $600,000 A Year -- Solar panels don't poop, so it seems this farmer's decision to turn his pig farm into a solar farm was a smart choice. Plus, it's making him lots more money and has allowed him and his family to stay on their land and thrive. Looking forward to more stories like this in 2009. Solar is delicious.

1. Luxim Plasma Light Bulb Kicks Some Serious LED Butt -- Not the sexiest post to be our #1, but TreeHugger readers using StumbleUpon just really love their Light Emitting Diodes, apparently. Fine by me, though. The more attention these new technologies get the better off we'll be. Demand will rise, prices will drop and we'll all be lit for a more efficient future. Right on.

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