Three Years Ago in TreeHugger: Product Service Systems


TreeHugger loves Product Service Systems (PSS); three years ago Warren wrote our first two posts on them, describing them so: "basically it is about providing the service of the product – what it does for you - without requiring the individual ownership. For example you can catch a cab to get from A to B, instead of having to garage a car. Or use the local Laundromat negating the need to fork over big bills for a washing machine. Because we, in essence, share such human resources, instead of each of us all owning one apiece, the demand on natural resources is massively reduced."

Alex Steffen once summarized the concept with " the average power drill is used only ten minutes in its lifetime, when what you really want is a hole."

Since that first post we have covered dozens of PPSs, with TH picks here and here. Read also our classic introduction to the virtues of PPSs here.
::Three years ago in TreeHugger

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