This Week in the Huffington Post


TreeHugger is proud to be contributing original content to the Huffington Post Green section. This week's posts:

A Field Guide to the New Enviromentalists:
Lord knows we have tried, Al Gore has tried, so may have tried to sell climate change as the big issue of the day. ::Lloyd Alter
Lo-Tech Hi-Tech: The Simple Solutions All Around Us: There are a lot of great low tech things around us that could help us reduce our impact. Take the bike, the sweater, and the awning, for example. Here are three pieces of "old" technology that are invisible to most of us despite their power. ::Graham Hill

Terrorists or Heroes? Sea Shepherd Fights for Marine Life
: When it comes to making positive change to the world's habitats, sometimes the waters are murky. To put it bluntly, there's nothing like a few photos of clubbed seals to get the crowd all hot and bothered -- but is this really the best way? ::Mairi Beautyman

Which Small Actions Make the Biggest Difference?
: As the notion of "going green" has continued to grow, the number of lifestyle choices and changes we can all make has grown with it. But which ones really make a difference? ::Collin Dunn

4 Fun Green Stories and 2 Sad Ones
: In the past, the green movement has often been accused of being too "doom & gloom", too serious. Below are 4 fun green stories, but to remind us that it's not all rainbows and bunnies, there are 2 sad ones at the end. ::Michael Graham Richard

An Olympic Smokescreen: Why We Need to Get Over Air Pollution at Beijing's Games
: The issue of air quality during Beijing's "green" Olympics isn't really such a big deal. It's a red herring. A smokescreen. ::Alex Pasternack