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Large Hadron Collider is Either the Greenest or the Least Green Experiment Ever Made
Someone hit a switch today and began either the greenest or one of the most environmentally disastrous experiments in the world: The Large Hadron Collider. It carries a ridiculous price tag of $9 billion, and requires 14 trillion electron volts of energy. That's the energy equivalent to running all the households in Geneva. Mairi Beautyman
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Ode to a (Reusable) Water Bottle
Here's a simple question: How many of us ever leave the house these days empty-handed? The answer is practically no one. Even little kids these days are decked out with gear - back packs and hockey sticks, ballet slippers and Blackberrys. And celebrities - with someone else doing their bag schlepping - have become instead inseparable from their water bottles - like plastic security blankets. So would switching to reusable water bottles cramp any of our styles? ::Graham Hill
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Obama's and McCain's Green Promises Are Just a Matter of Speech
Obama said this about solar power. McCain said that about climate change. You no longer have to spar with your "green" friends over who is saying what for the next election, thanks to SpeechWars, a handy little application that let's you compare, word-for-word what America's presidential candidates are really saying about green matters. ::Karin Kloosterman
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Bike-Sharing Around The World
What is Bike-Sharing? If you are at all familiar with the Zip Car model of car-sharing, then you should already understand how bike-sharing works. Essentially, in a bike-share program bicycles are made available at special kiosks or racks that are strategically placed around a city.

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Working Americans Love Sarah Palin Because She Shoots Wolves from Airplanes
While I have personally never hunted I know many people who do, and they are appalled by the idea of hunting wolves from aircraft. It is of questionable legality; in 1972 it was made illegal by the Airborne Hunting Act, passed after a nationwide outcry against aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska. However a loophole in the act allows it for the purposes of "control." ::Lloyd Alter