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Do Big Homes Mean Bigger Happiness?
Nowadays, you can take a stroll through a suburban street and actually come across the White House. Well, not the actual residence of George W., but a scarily accurate, humongous replica. Yep, despite the woes of the housing market, Americans are still super-sizing their homes. ::Graham Hill
Ludicrous Lawns, Wasted Water, and Solid Solutions NASA has studied satellite data and concluded that lawns in the US are taking up as much space as the whole state of New York (not the city, the state). That's fifty thousand square miles of grass! ::Michael Graham Richard

Five Products to Green Your Cat
Yep, they may be the world's most independent creatures, often scornful, superior, unpredictable, and affectionate only when it comes down to the tuna, but we still love our cats. Here are five products for a tree-hugging kitty. ::Mairi Beautyman
Does Recycling Really Do Any Good? The words "recycled" and "recyclable" often conjure up similar notions of relative greenness; the general idea is that, as long as you aren't pitching it directly in the trash, you're doing something good for the planet, right? Turns out, it isn't quite that simple. ::Collin Dunn

Tortillas, Ethanol, and High Fructose Corn Syrup
What is lost in all the biofuel controversy is the fact that tremendous amounts of land are devoted neither to fuel nor nutritive food, but rather to non-nutritive uses like tobacco, high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar.::Andy Posner
Carbon Tax? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Carbon Tax, We Already Have One. The debate about carbon taxes is over; we are already paying them, and they are working the way environmentalists said they would. The problem is, instead of collecting the carbon tax and using the money for conservation or alternative energy or even reducing income taxes, we are paying the tax to Big Oil, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran. ::Lloyd Alter