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Shouldn't We Be Talkin' Sustainable, Green Mortgages?

Mortgages to help buyers take a bit of extra loan money to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes have been around since the Carter Administration. Yet these "green" mortgages have never really taken off - and aren't even a blip in the over $10 trillion mortgage market, says Sustainable Industries Journal. Graham Hill
What Would the Roosevelts Do?
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Across America, companies are shedding jobs; probably 200,000 people in October alone. Soon it won't be just banks needing a bailout; soon we may need an intervention in job creation as big as the New Deal. What would the Roosevelts do? Perhaps Teddy would see this as an opportunity to plant more trees, protect more natural landmarks, clean our air and water and fight climate change.

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Civilian Conservation Corps at an experimental farm in Beltsville, Maryland. (Circa 1933)

He would certainly approve of Franklin's Conservation Corps. Perhaps Franklin would listen to Van Jones and put the unemployed to work insulating buildings and houses that consume 46% of our energy. Lloyd Alter
Killing Bloodthirsty Power Vampires For Christmas
It's Halloween, so lots of green-loving sites (and one very Big Box store, Best Buy) are taking on the so-called power vampires - those appliances in our home that suck just a little bit of power all the time unless they are completely unplugged.

The little bits of power can add around $1,000 extra to your electricity bill each year. A simple yardstick: one watt of power equals $1 per year of electricity cost, or approximately $4 billion of "lost" efficiency savings in this country annually. Graham Hill

The Bush Administration Fails to Make the Grade on Science Transparency 101

On issues ranging from climate change to stem cell research, the Bush administration abjectly refused to listen to the advice of its best scientists, preferring to let its corporate and religious allies dictate the terms of the debate. For an administration that supposedly prides itself on delegating more authority to the states, it has done everything it can to stymie the efforts of California and other more progressive-minded legislatures to push a green agenda. Jeremy Jacquot

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Barack Obama's environmental platform is not perfect, but I've got seven reasons (one not exactly green) to vote Obama in six days. Mairi Beautyman