This Week in Huffington Post: Money

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Counteract That Sinking Feeling With Green Banking: Anybody whose 401K didn't have a sinking spell last week is a very lucky person. The rest of us took our lumps and got over it. Well, maybe not all of us. More from Graham Hill
4 Reasons Why Recession is BAD for the Environment: When squeezed, companies will reduce their investments into research & development and green programs. These are usually not short-term profit centers, so that is what's axed first. Some progress has been made in the past few years, it would be sad to lose ground now. More from Michael Graham Richard
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In an Economic Crisis, Will People Continue to Pay More for Organic?:
With the stock market at an all time low, will we continue to fork out the cash for organic produce? More from Mairi Beautyman
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Canadian Thanksgiving, and So Much to be Thankful For:Every year we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with an extraordinary family that lives all year round on a small lake just outside of Algonquin Park in Ontario. They don't keep a TV or computer in the house while home-schooling the kids, but the house is full of books and music, such incredible music, just listening to them all sing Grace brings me to tears. More from Lloyd Alter

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