This Week in Huffington Post: Don't Give Up Now

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Now is Not the Time to Back Down on Climate Change: Among environmentalists and green-minded thinkers, the angst is palpable. With a deep, protracted global recession all but certain, will politicians, leery of imposing additional costs on already beleaguered businesses, lose the will to tackle climate change? Jeremy Jacquot
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Aboard the Highest Train in the World: China's Railroad to Tibet:

To many this amazing engineering feat is a blessing for Tibet -- or for those who want to behold or control its remote landscape. But it is also a curse, some say, for the place it's meant to serve. As we barreled into the mysterious region, half a year after capital Lhasa was beset by deadly political turmoil, I wondered how the train was changing Tibet. Alex Pasternack

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Green Idealism, or Which Way the Wind Is Really Blowing

Hooray! None other than Time magazine is talking about the importance of green collar jobs to a rebuild of the economy, discussing some of the ideas author Van Jones outlines in his new book The Green-Collar Economy.

As Jones sees it, well-paid jobs such as retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, putting up solar panels and servicing wind turbines are all sure-fire ways to help an ailing economy, and as we've noted, compared to bailing out banks, wouldn't cost all that much. Graham Hill

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