The Year Ahead With TerraPass

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Who: Team TerraPass, carbon offset reatilers

Eco-resolution: At TerraPass, we're all about the carbon, so it should come as no surprise that our office resolutions are all carbon-related. We briefly kicked around the idea of turning the resolutions into a group competition, but you know what? Resolutions are stressful enough as it is. Here's a taste of some efforts our staffers are making as individuals to shed more carbon poundage in the new year:

• One TerraPasser is swapping his ancient Daewoo for a Flexcar membership and a bicycle.
• Another staffer is looking into the new California tax incentives, which will make installing a solar water heater easier on the wallet.
• An apartment-dwelling TerraPasser can't do the solar water heater, but has promised to switch to a low-flow showerhead.• One of us is (perhaps shamefully) just now forswearing bottled water.*
• A mother of four is going to shave down the loads of laundry, ditch the hair drier, and wean her daughter from the night light.
• The office omnivore swears to go meatless at least one day per week.
• An employee who lives in a cold-weather climate has vowed to increase insulation in his home and ditch the existing "horrifyingly" inefficient space heater this winter.

Outlook for '08: Instead of an outlook—there's a million things going on this year—we've got a toast: Here's to a happy, healthy, and energy-efficient new year!

*[Editors's note: Better now than never!]]

Did you make a resolution to neutralize your own carbon footprint this year? Get started with TreeHugger's guide, How To Green Your Carbon Offsets. Learn more about the business of carbon offsetting with our interview of Adam Stein of TerraPass.


The Year Ahead With TerraPass
Who: Team TerraPass, carbon offset reatilers

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