The Year Ahead With Summer Rayne Oakes

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Who: Summer Rayne Oakes, eco-model and activist

Eco-resolution: My resolutions are to do more of the same work that I’ve already been doing—such as modeling, writing, giving talks, and generally spreading the green word. Only this year, I'll do it even better. I’ll also work with and support Energy Action, a coalition of organizations led by students and youths to strengthen the clean energy movement, as much as humanly possible.

Outlook for '08: Young voters will make sure their candidates are as green as possible.

Speaking of green...Blue will become the new green. Literally. Marketing analysis and studies in psychology show that the symbolic color of the environmental movement will undergo a color shift from green to blue. Sustainable fashion will continue to rise in popularity with green fashion shows popping up all over the world. We won't see an international fusion of ethical designers, however, until 2009.

A handful of beauty and fashion companies have started to address global warming. This move is going to percolate throughout the industry...hopefully before the ice caps melt or the Great Barrier reef is bleached.

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