The Year Ahead with Oliveira Textiles

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Image courtesy of the Verdant Gallery
Who: Dawn Oliveira, president, co-founder, and creative director and Deborah Oliveira, vice president and co-founder of Oliveira Textiles, one of the hottest new sustainable residential textiles companies.

Dawn: Personally, my goal is to walk barefoot through a hemp field.
Deborah: Find more time to smell the green—go hiking, walk, just sit around. Our joint goal is to complete designs for our new collection of sustainable fabrics and produce our goods with mills that will help us achieve Global Organic Textile Standard certification.Outlook for '08: The green revolution will not fade away. It is not a trend! The issues are real, pertinent, and life changing—both locally and globally. Everyone involved will add his or her own vision to the bigger picture until one day the lens is turned properly and it all comes into focus and the doubters go, aaahhh now I see.
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