The Year Ahead With Laurie David

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Who: Laurie David, founder of

Eco-resolution: My resolution for 2008 is to say no to plastic bags and plastic water bottles to the best of my ability. But "Perfection is the enemy of Good," some wise person once said, so if I'm in the grocery store and if I've forgotten my bag, I load everything up in my arms and carry it out. Okay, I do admit, I have to stop twice because I keep dropping stuff, but I didn't take a bag! American's throw away about 100 billion plastic bags per year; less than 1 percent of those are recycled! As for the plastic water bottle, 2.5 million are tossed in the trash every hour! I have traded them in for my lovely, aluminum SIGG bottle, which I refill every day. Just say no to plastic, whenever you can!Outlook for '08: Because Americans are extremely concerned about global warming, we will elect a new president who will make freezing and reducing carbon emissions his or her first priority. Just as we saw Kevin Rudd, the new prime minister of Australia, immediately address global warming his first day in office, our new leader will immediately start working to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2020 in his or her first hours in office. The American people are awake and demanding action. The magnitude of the political response will finally equal the magnitude of the problem.

Laurie David is the co-author of The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming and author of The Solution is You! Oh yeah, and she also helped produce a little documentary called An Inconvenient Truth.

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