The Weekend Recap: Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17 2011


Photo: Flickr, CC

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered over the weekend, July 15, 16, and 17.Animals
Mat explained how the entire ecosystem suffers when large animals are removed from the environment. Mike then shared that over half of tuna species are facing extinction and overfishing continues. Sarah Novak told us why cattle drought deaths in Texas are being blamed on too much water. Next, Jennifer Hattam gave reasons that rats and pigeons are no longer considered wildlife. Finally, Stephen announced the find of a Vietnamese enclave of endangered gibbons.

Eating Well
Kelly shared a weekday vegetarian recipe for roasted garlic with goat cheese and herbs. After, Sara Novak brought up a gelatin made from humans and discussed the ethical dietary restrictions.

Art & Style
Bonnie explained one UK garden show's definition of a conceptual garden and questioned the possibility. After, Sami shared the release of "DIVE!" the dumpster diving movie and praised its minimal packaging. Kimberley Mok then showed a compact forest dwelling and art instillation that celebrates the natural environment. Next, Emma asked if Forever 21 is an eco-design thief and explained a recent law suit. Lastly, she announced Guilded, a new school for sustainable design in New York.

Sami discussed the potential of a solar energy tipping point. After, Mike announced the 10 Billion Euro offshore wind project being taken on by France.

Green Thinking
John Laumer discussed Chicago's design trend toward a gaslight era. After, we learned about the next Double Impact challenge to switch to rechargeable batteries. Next, we heard a positive side to American thinking with a video about hope for greener communities. Lloyd then added a fifth installment to his history of bathrooms and discussed design over efficiency. Later, Sami discussed the UK debate about the release of the Chevy volt. He then questioned the crime of ecocide and pondered the impact a criminal title would have. Mat noted the use of biofuels on short flights and determined that it still doesn't justify the trip. Finally, Alex Davies told us how LA used scare tactics to reduce traffic and create "carmaheaven."

Mat told us that a year later, there is still 530 miles of gulf coast still contaminated with oil. After, Christine explained why the US EPA is getting tough on glyme.

The Great Outdoors
Jennifer Hattam told us about an 800-year-old tree that stopped traffic in Turkey. She then shared that smugglers have been nabbed targeting Turkish plants and insects.

Sarah Hodgdon discussed the grim future for the clean water act and why it is so important to preserve it. Brian then announced that the House of Representatives have passed an amendment banning the implementation of the 2007 light bulb efficiency improvement law. After, Stephen told us that the head of Brazil's EPA has declared that it is not his job to protect the environment. Finally, Daniel Kessler explained why seven senators have written to Clinton to warn against the proposed 1,700 mile pipeline.

Green Advances
Alex Davies told us how electric vehicles are catering to disabled drivers. After, Brian shared that ten Honda factories have reduced to zero waste. He then explained how climate scientists are sneaking data-collecting robots into pirate infested waters. Lastly, Alex Davies showed a low-tech machine that uses solar power to keep you warm.

Brian showed us Stephen Colbert's report on fracking. Next, Jeff Kart brought back some "Roseanne" reruns and her nutty solution to global warming. Later, Jessica Root explained why one child's lemonade stand was busted by the police. Finally, Stephen told us about a team of cyclists that beat a plane across Los Angeles.

So, that's the weekend recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!