The Week in the Huffington Post: It's the Economy, Stupid

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Obama Needs to Make His Environmental Agenda All About the Economy
While it may seem a bit dated (and overdone) now, Bill Clinton's winning 1992 campaign slogan, "It's the economy, stupid," has never felt more relevant. With the number of unemployed on the rise and house prices still in free-fall in many parts of the country, the American consumer is feeling the pinch like never before.:: Jeremy Jacquot
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"lend them money and you get a rabble instead of a thrifty working class"

We all live in Pottersville Now
Usually when governments nationalize an industry they have a plan. Now that Hugo George Chavez Bush has nationalized the guarantor of all the mortgages and the reinsurer of all the insurers, what's going to happen?

For one thing, it is going to be a lot harder to get a mortgage. It will be like the old days, when you couldn't get a mortgage without a 25% down payment, guarantees from Dad, and a decent job where you didn't have to spend more than 30% of your income on your payments and property taxes. It helps if you are white and the bank manager's son is a school chum. For another thing, it is going to be a lot harder to build green.::Lloyd AlterRight Now, $100 Billion Doesn't Sound Like Much for a Million Green Jobs and Lots of Clean Energy It's hard to focus on anything else but elections and the state of the economy, yet sadly the media mainstream and the candidates seem to speak in the same old cliches. Bailing out the bankers for billions and giving the bill over to the taxpayers. Remember that $1,200 economic stimulus tax refund? Well economists estimate the $700 billion bailout would cost each one of us $2,300 - nearly twice the amount of that check.::Graham Hill

How About A $700 Billion Bailout For the Climate Crisis?
There are a lot of similarities between the current financial crisis and the climate crisis, except for the urgency with which the two are being addressed. On the one hand, the present state of the financial markets hasn't been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930's; on the other, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in on pace to reach levels not seen in the last 500,000 years. ::Andy Posner

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This week I had some fun reviewing a reel mower by SunLawn. It's no secret that I love reel mowers. I still think that grass lawns are a bad idea in most places and that native species of low-lying plants would be a better idea, but realistically, a lot of people will continue to have grass lawns in the near future so in the meantime, reel mowers are the next best thing.::Michael Graham Richard
Catching Poop and Scoop Offenders With Doggie DNA

It's not every day, that I see a story like this one -- the city of Petach Tikva, near Tel Aviv, has found a novel way to catch dog owners who are not stooping to scoop their dog poop. Dr. Tika Bar-On, a veterinarian who I spoke with today, has launched a one-of-a-kind project to collect dog DNA from a city neighbourhood.

With a large database of doggy DNA on file, the city will be able to track and trace offenders who are not picking up their doggie doo. It's a huge problem over here in Israel. Barely anyone is cleaning up after their animals, but Dr. Bar-On urges owners to do it, especially due to the health concerns of worms and bacteria that can spread to humans. ::Karin Kloosterman

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