The Week in Pictures: Trawler Sunk by Jellyfish, NASA's Black Hawks, Gift Guides, and More

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From the news that a 10-ton Japanese fishing trawler sunk from the weight of giant Nomura's jellyfish to IEA whistleblowers who say world oil stats were deliberately inflated to avoid financial panic--to appease the United States--a lot happened this week in green. Scientists from the Peking University and Tsinghua University have created a nanotube sponge that can absorb toxic oils and solvents up to 180 times its weight, two Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have been turned over to NASA for environmental research flights, and we rounded up the slowest gifts for our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Find out what else happened in the world of green this week in our photo roundup of most popular, most important, and most oddball stories.

the week in pictures

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