The Week in Pictures: Sea Shepherd Success, Climategate Closed, Milan Furniture Fair 2010, and More (Slideshow)

sea shepherd fish glacier photo

From the news that the Sea Shepherd's efforts to harass Japan's whaling fleet in the waters off Antarctica has yielded big results to the tsunami that swept through villages along Peru's shore Monday, injuring scores and carrying away at least three, a lot happened this week in green. Climategate is officially closed, an independent review panel in the UK concluded that there was no malpractice by the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit; Australia's wildlife authorities have a new threat of invasive species, the Snakehead fish, which is able to breath air, allowing it to travel on land to find prey or migrate, and the country is also taking action against the a coal-carrying ship - the Chinese Shen Neng 1, which ran around on Douglas Shoals inside a marine protected area in the Great Barrier Reef.

Find out what else happened in the world of green this week in our photo roundup of most popular, most important, and most oddball stories.

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