The Week in Pictures: Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil Spills, World Cup Carbon Footprint, Pedal-powered Porsche, and More (Slideshow)

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As BP's Gulf oil spill continues to spew, the internet has helped showcase some of the more interesting ways an oil spill can be cleaned up. For example, a pac-man-esque oil recovery vessel and Kevin Costner's machine that can separate oil and water--BP just ordered 32! The Upright Citizens Brigade explores what happens when BP spills coffee and the video is pretty hilarious (unlike the actual spill in the Gulf of Mexico).

And in other green news, VW has just unveiled the new 2011 Jetta with a hybrid model coming in 2012; A new study estimates a carbon footprint of 2,753,251 tons of CO2 from the 2010 World Cup; and NASA says that the Moon may have more water than the Great Lakes. Find out what else happened this week in our photo roundup of the most heartbreaking, most crucial, and most hysterical headlines.

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