The Week in Pictures: Nearly 80% of Oil Still Threatens Ecosystem, Surfer Saves a Stranded Shark, Albino Peacocks, and More (Slideshow)

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In the wake of the Gulf oil spill, a new report from the University of Georgia and the Georgia Sea Grant reveals that the amount of oil remaining in the water is far higher than reported. In fact 70-79% of oil not captured at the wellhead by BP still poses a threat to the ecosystem; that's 2.9-3.2 million barrels of oil still in the water. In other green news, the Global Footprint Network tells us that tomorrow is Earth Overshoot Day--every single thing we collectively do past this date depletes environmental capital, puts us into ecological debt. We may as well call this the "Animal Issue": click through for photos of cute and cuddly newborn liger cubs causing controversy in Taiwan; a new species of bearded monkeys discovered by scientists in the Caquetá region of southern Colombia; stunning albino and half-albino peacocks, and more in our photo roundup of the news in review.

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