The Week in Pictures: Is BP Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive? Balloon Blamed for Rio de Janeiro Fire, National Design Award Winners, and More (Slideshow)

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Kemp's Ridley is a critically endangered species of sea turtle that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. This week a source revealed that BP has been keeping rescue teams from getting to the turtles and has even been burning them alive, along with other animals. In other green news, the Dalai Lama urged the Sea Shepherd to use non-niolent methods to stop whaling; Chevron, who's drilling a well in 8,530 feet of water off the coast of Newfoundland, said that a relief well isn't necessary (even though a relief well could probably have avoided the Deepwater Horizon disaster); and it's National Design Awards time, when the Cooper-Hewett honors sustainable design solutions, we look at the winners; many of whom are TreeHugger favorites. Find out what else happened this week in green in our photo roundup of the most heartbreaking and most hilarious stories making headlines.

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