The Week in Pictures: Galapagos Islands No Longer Endangered? 'Static Kill' of BP's Oil Well, and More (Slideshow)

girl oil spill vertical garden galapagos photo

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico reached an important milestone this Tuesday afternoon when BP started their 'static kill' procedure to seal the oil well, and the good news is, that it seems to be working -- so far. In other green news, the Galapagos Islands has been taken off the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger -- but could it be too soon? The above average temps in July 2010 Temps will be normal for July 2050; an Oregon wind farm offered $5000 for neighbors not to complain about noise, and China reveals a '3D Fast Bus' that straddles the road so cars can drive under -- cool! Find out what else happened this week in our news in photos slideshow:

the week in pictures

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