The Week in Pictures: Exclusive BP Oil Spill Updates, Hugo Chavez Tweets, ICFF Preview, The TreeHugger Swimsuit Issue, and More (Slideshow)

week in pictures may 2010

From the release of the first underwater images and video monitoring the gushing oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico to the news that Venezualan President Hugo Chavez used Twitter to announce the sinking of a natural gas platform off the coast of Venezuela, a lot happened this week in green. Residents of Concord, Massachusetts voted to ban the sale of all bottled water by next January, making it the first U.S. town to take such action; While the bulk of the focus on the plight of the bluefin tuna has been on the Atlantic population, a new study shows that Pacific bluefin are being critically overfished as well; and Stewart + Brown gave TreeHugger the oh-so-exclusive chance to reveal to the world their green fashion collection for Summer 2010.

Find out what else happened in the world of green this week in our photo roundup of most popular, most important, and most oddball stories.

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