The Week in Pictures: Earth's Thermosphere Suffers Collapse, BP's Fake Crisis Command Center, and More (Slideshow)


This past week was an unfortunate one for the animal kingdom: 500 penguins mysteriously washed up on beaches in Sao Paolo, Brazil and poachers brutally killed the last female White Rhino in South Africa's Krugersdorp nature reserve. In other green news, BP made us laugh with their lack of photoshopping skills: a sharp eyed blogger spotted the company's mistakes in a photo of their "crisis command center" in Houston; NASA announced that the Earth's upper atmosphere has had a record breaking collapse, one that has scientists both puzzled and worried; and we follow the solar-powered Zephyr, an unmanned aircraft, as it tries to get to 14 days of continuous flight without any kind of in-flight refueling (except by solar energy). Find out what else happened this week in our neat and complete slideshow:

the week in pictures

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