The Week in Pictures: Déjà Vu. Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf, Climate Change Blamed for Melting Himalayan Glaciers, and More (Slideshow)

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It's Déjà Vu all over again: An offshore oil platform exploded and caught fire yesterday in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located about 80 miles off the Louisiana coast, west of the site of BP's massive oil spill. In other green news this week, the US Geological Survey has released a new report on the state of glacier retreat in the Himalaya, stating that "Many of Asia's glaciers are retreating as a result of climate change"; Animal Planet's new miniseries Blood Dolphin delves deeper into the dolphin hunts in Japan; and we reveal exclusive photos of secret titan redwood trees, located deep in the forests of northern California. This and much more -- including slimeheads, mudbugs, hogs, and whore's eggs -- in our week in review:

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