The Week in Pictures: BP Could Go Bankrupt Over Gulf Spill, Solar Power Station on the Moon, and More (Slideshow)

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In BP oil spill news this week, the media is making much of the fact that the company's daily profits are higher than its daily cleanup costs. But that's changing fast, it's possible that the Gulf spill will end up bankrupting the oil giant. An oil spill expert and animal biologist says, "Kill, don't clean" oiled birds; Based on the startling statistic that less than 1% of oil-soaked birds survive.

An in other green news, a Greenpeace protest against tuna fishing in the Mediterranean turned violent this week when an activist was harpooned in the leg by a French fisherman; Chinese coal fires may finally be extinguished after burning for 50 years and destroying as much as 20-200 million tons of coal each year; and gearing up for dad's favorite holiday, we bring you our annual Green Gift Guide in honor of Father's Day.

Find out what else happened in the world of green and with the gulf oil spill this week in our photo roundup of the most popular, outrageous, and not-to-be-missed stories.

the week in pictures

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