The Week in Pictures: BP Censors Media, China No Longer a Developing Nation, Best Bamboo Bikes, and More (Slideshow)

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As the BP oil spill moves from being a short and bloody battle to a long and drawn out war, frustrating news surfaced this week: 1) In an Alabama wildlife refuge affected by the spill, even possessing a camera is prohibited (video, after the jump); 2) BP apparently won't use peat moss to help clean up the oil because it won't be able to sell the oil afterwards. In other green news, China now emits on a per person basis more than France, which means that China can no longer claim to be a developing nation; a board game from the 1970s, called "BP Offshore Oil Strike", strangely predicts today's current affairs; Walmart, KFC, and Burger King paper purchases are destroying Indonesia's rainforests.

On a more positive note, the Russian government is establishing 9 new nature reserves and 13 national parks covering a total area of over 3.8 million hectare by 2020. Find out who tops PETA's list of the sexiest vegetarian celebrities, and more headlines from the world of green, in our photo roundup of the top stories from the week:

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