The Week in Pictures: BP Bans Photos of Animals Killed by Oil Spill, Sarah Palin Defends "Drill, Baby, Drill", The All-Electric Supercar, and More (Slideshow)

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Another week goes by and oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico and if we have a rough hurricane season, things could get apocalyptic. All the attempts to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico have failed so far, and even the latest attempt to cut-and-cap the well has hit a snag. BP has apparently banned oil spill clean up contractors from sharing photos of dead animals washed ashore; One contractor took a Daily News reporter out to see, in his words, what BP didn't want President Obama to see.

In other news Sarah Palin defends "Drill, Baby, Drill" on Twitter; Bugatti is experimenting with an electric powertrain that delivers 597 kW of power--that's roughly 800 horsepower!--and for the weather report: April turned out to be the hottest on record globally. Find out what else made headlines this week in green in our neat-and-complete photo roundup of the most attention-grabbing and downright outrageous stories.

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