The Week in Huffpo: Olympics, Drilling, Bike Sharing and More

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What other government in the world, for what other reason, would be able to "guarantee" the weather? One of the biggest feats of China's spectacular opening ceremony on Friday wasn't inside the stadium. As those of us inside the Bird's Nest feared rain -- and secretly, because of the heavy heat and humidity, prayed for it -- the city's meteorological bureau peppered approaching clouds with over 1000 silver-iodide rockets. That triggered intense showers outside the city and preempted a rainfall on China's parade. ::Alex Pasternack, Beijing
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Saving the Planet? Or Keeping it Livable
Let's face it, it's not about saving the planet. The planet is going to be just fine without us. The bigger question is will we be able to live on it for a while, and will be we be able to do so without a whole lot of pain? This is definitely a Save Ourselves situation. ::Graham Hill, New York
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Another Kind of Greenwashing: Doing Green LaundryWhen it comes to clothing, 75% of the energy consumed during a garment's life cycle is used in the laundering process, so making your laundry greener and more efficient really can make a difference. ::Collin Dunn, Oregon
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Bike-Sharing: An Idea Who's Time has Come After the great success of high-tech bike-sharing program in places like Paris, with its Velib, and Barcelona, among others, it's about time for the US to join the party. ::Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau
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When it comes to drilling, they have us on the run
I have written posts for TreeHugger making fun of McCain's drill now drill everywhere speeches, but am beginning to think that this is no longer a laughing matter, that this could become the defining issue of this election, and that we can blow the whole show if we don't grab this one back. ::Lloyd Alter, Toronto
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Clothing Made from Milk and Bottles Made of Paper? The Eco Design Revolution It's really pretty fantastic to be able to look around and actually see that you are part of a new era in design. Right now, we are riding high on a burst of creativity and inspiration that will eventually be listed alongside Art Deco, Modernism, and Bauhaus in history books. It's the Eco Design Revolution. And everything is just so experimental. ::Mairi Beautyman, Berlin

Bush Administration Readies Gutting Knife for Endangered Species Act
You didn't just think the Bush administration was going to leave quietly, did you? In a major scoop, the AP has uncovered the draft of a set of new regulations engineered by the Interior Department (and not subject to Congressional approval) that would allow federal agencies to decide for themselves whether infrastructure projects, like dams and highways, would harm endangered species. They would, in effect, greatly reduce the impact of the independent reviews government scientists have been carrying out over the last 35 years. ::Jeremy Jacquot, San Francisco
Middle East Oil Barons Turn America's Oil Woes Into Clean Technology One would think that members countries from the OEPC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) in the Persian Gulf who are sitting on a quarter of the world's oil reserves would like to stall the development of clean technologies and thereby the creation of alternatives to oil, right? Nope. Not only are the Middle East oil barons reaping profits from $130 barrel of oil, they are using these profits wisely to develop clean technology. ::Karin Kloosterman, Tel Aviv