The TreeHugger Zeitgeist: November


Zeitgeist means "the spirit of the age." What is the spirit that is catching our readers? We start a new feature where we review the most popular posts of the month, as calculated by Google Analytics. We add a little frisson of fun by scoring the month, counting the number of posts that get more viewers than our perennial favourite, How To Green Your Sex Life, that keeps 'em coming month after month. November scores 5.

The most popular post was Use Electricity Wisely; a one-liner that said ""We don't think much of ugly, power-sucking billboards, but this one from South Africa's Eskom delivers its message" - possibly the shortest post we ever wrote, that got the biggest response. Perhaps because, as one commenter suggested, it is "Simple and direct. This billboard should get an advertisement award"

This was followed by "Cheapest New Cars in Norway Are Electric" (cars always are popular),
Intriguing Electric Bike: The EV-X7 Prototype (bikes with Japanese booth babes move fast around here)
Office Building Lit By 100% LED Light (readers still love those LEDs)
Treehugger Gift guide, Part 1

That's who scored more than How to GYSL; Rounding out the top ten but getting fewer viewers than GYSL:

Southeast Asia Paying High Environmental Cost For Palm Oil
TreeHugger's 2007 Gift Guide Part II
Annals of Great Ideas: Snow Caves in Texas
Windterra's Residential Roof Turbine Is Ready For California Market
Living in a Yurt

So next month we promise you all-electric cars, bikes and yurts, all the time. Onward!

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