The TreeHugger Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Credit: cbede, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License.

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered Wednesday, June 29.Animals
David showed us some up-close and personal photos of Komodo dragons and the tricks behind how they were taken. After, Sami told us that organic farms can be as cruel to animals as conventional ones and Jaymi followed up with an undercover video from a pork producer. Rachel lightened the mood with the design of a recycled fridge dog house that is home to an adorable puppy. Lastly, Stephen told us that dead penguins have been washing us regularly on Brazilian beaches and explored the potential problem.

Eating Well
Rachel told us about Bolivia's new food security law that aims to reduce dependence on foreign companies. Mat then shared a vegetarian recipe for tempeh with tomatillo coconut sauce.

A Changing Environment
Mat announced that Copenhagen is ranked the world's most climate resilient city Next, Brian explored whether or not a Denmark policy applied worldwide would stop climate change. Mat addressed the 2010 State of the Climate and noted the obvious observations.

Art & Style
Bonnie told us of the planned Piet Oudlof garden that is set to go with the new serpentine gallery pavilion. After, Jaymi gave tips for great tide pool photography and recommended iPhone apps that can help along the way.

Sami told us that UK utilities are fighting over the electric car charging market. Afterwards, Leonora Oppenheim shared the results of an experiment that challenged one family to live on less than 1 ton of carbon per person. Sami then explained why the sale of home wind turbines is going strong, even in a mad economy. Next, Mat told us that under Prince Charles' energy plan, nearly 50 % of energy comes from renewables and emission dropped 22% last year. Mat questioned the competition between sunlight and fossil fuels. Finally, Brian highlighted a Denmark town that is one of the lowest energy users in Europe before posting a video that revealed Denmark's plan to be fossil fuel free by 2050.

Green Thinking
Sami showed us another urinal design that filters and feeds plants. Next, Lloyd shared a new elliptical desk chair that keeps you active at work. Following up on the popularity of the bamboo iPhone speakers, we saw a list of the 4 best electricity free iPhone speakers Lastly, Lloyd introduces the SwissRoomBox which is the ultimate portable modular living system.

The Great Outdoors
We learned of six child environmentalists that have already changed the world in some way. Afterwards, Colleen Vanderlinden explored organic garden pest control and taught us what works and what doesn't. Lastly, Jennifer Hattam showed how the site that Paris intended for the Olympic Games has been successfully re-purposed into an eco-friendly urban park.

A.K. Streeted showed us a cyclist's musical parody of biker's stereotypes. Could this be the rebranding biking needs? John Laumer then shared a survey of people who live near nuclear power plants and found that they were happy with the safety.

Mike explained why bike lanes act as an economic stimulus, despite speculation of the opposite.

So, that's the Wednesday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!

The TreeHugger Recap: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered Wednesday, June 29.Animals David showed