The TreeHugger Recap: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Photo: Wikipedia Commons

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered Tuesday, July 5.Eating Well
Kelly shared a simple recipe for zucchini pancakes as part of weekday vegetarian. Afterwards, Colleen Vanderlinden listen the 10 must-have crops for a foodie's garden

A Changing Environment
Mat explored the reasons why China's coal burning lessened the heat in what was the hottest decade on record. Stephen then showed how Vietnam era weapons are being used to clear the amazon.

Art & Style
Bonnie shared the New Design at the Festival of Britain: urban structures. After, Lloyd explained the practicality of a dishwater integrated sink. Kimberley Mok presented a hotel made from recycled concrete tubes. Finally, Option G releasedtheir newest TreeHugger collection print.

Brian shared a video tour of Europe's first electric car battery switch station. Next, Sami gave the news that Tunisia has committed $2 billion to sell solar power to Europe.

Green Thinking
Pablo Paster answered how your company can cut down on frivolous printing, etc. to green the business. A.K. Streeter then explored the common debate of paying to access nature. Sami explained how system innovation could transform food energy and finance. After, Emma told us about Moksa's new organic soap that benefits IFAW's African Elephant Campaign. Paula Alvarado showed how one San Paulo living space is compact and beautiful, fitting a British themed cooking, drinking, and chilling space into 107 square feet. Chris then introduced the candidates for the next Double Impact challenge and asked you to weigh in. After, Jaymi told us about an adventurous writer who committed to traveling from San Francisco to LA using only public transportation. Finally, Lloyd questioned the practicality of retrofitting with exterior straw bale insulation.

Stephen told us that the human belly button may be home to unknown species.

Sami explained why the demand for low-carbon products continues to grow despite the recession. Mat then gave the news that the Yellowstone River Oil Spill not extends 150 miles downstream.

The Great Outdoors
Lloyd showed us how shoes can be put to good use for container gardening. After, Mat announced that the controversial Serengeti road is going to be built after all. Lastly, Jaymi shared that the Bahamas is turning nearly 250,000 square miles into a permanent shark sanctuary.

Sami explained how the UK Solar Industry is urging a government U-turn. Next, we learned about the UN's opinion that small-scale sustainably farming is the key to global food security and poverty reduction.

Jaymi told us about a new website released by a UK zoo that seeks out the next generation of activists. After, Rachel shared the "anonymous" hackers targeting the website of Orlando, the city that is arresting people for feeding the homeless.

So, that's the Tuesday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!