The TreeHugger Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011


Photo: Luc Legay under a Creative Commons license.

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered over Thursday, June 23.
Sami told us why scientists are confused about the 13.6% decline in UK honey bees. Next, we learned of a new deadly strain of Salmonella that can spread from hogs to humans. Be careful around those four-legged friends! Jaymi explained why Penny Palfrey's new swimming record is nothing to celebrate because of the dead sharks left in her path. We then learned of the US-made pesticide that continues to kill lions in Kenya and why it hasn't been addressed. Later, Stephen found justice with a teenager being fined after he slapped an endangered seal. Finally, Petz Scholtus explained why one Spanish farm really does keep their pigs happy.

Eating Well
Sami questioned the idea of "humane meat" and explored the truth about what it achieves. Following, Kelly brought us a nice weekday vegetarian recipe of pea pesto crostini.

A Changing Environment
Jacob Gordon showed us a podcast featuring NASA's James Hansen explaining his thoughts on climate change and intergenerational justice.

Art & Style
Bonnie showed us some art-community love with a recent piece by Banksy that shows support for the recently convicted street artist Tox. Upcycling and trends came together in a later post that showed a new colorful wallet from Holstee. Next, Alex Davies showed us how a 1930s art deco swimming pool was just converted into a spectacular museum. Lloyd told us about a Wall Street Journal challenge that asked four design firms to design a more productive and attractive executive office. Warning, the lack of creativity may surprise you. Following, Jaymi questioned the identity of conservation photography and directed us to "Witness," a new documentary on the subject. Lastly, Paula Alvarado showed us a Brazilian art exhibition that works to capture all of the life that surrounds a river.

Sami explored the debate between biofuels and electric vehicles and revealed which one politicians will choose.

Green Thinking
Warren McLaren highlighted a few Aussie mums who are returning to the use of cloth diapers rather than non-ecofriendly disposable ones. Jasmin Malik Chua followed up by presenting the best of Inhabitots and sharing some cute cloth diapers and instructions on how to make the transition for your baby. Mat explored the positive impact of positivity and told why he thinks it's just what environmentalism needs. In a later Ask Pablo post, Pablo Paster answered what's the impact of imported tropical fruit. Finally, we joined "Powering The Dream" author Alexis Madrigal to discuss his book and his goals for renewable energy.

The Digital Environment
Warren McLaren shared a new Merrell site that asks people to submit photos of nature along with their GPS information in order to create a panoramic view of the earth - a beautiful way to explore from your own desk chair.

The Great Outdoors
Mat shared a discovery of how mountaintop removal coal mining can significantly increase birth defects. On a brighter note, Kimberley Mok announced that the African highway planned to split the Serengeti National Park has been called off.

David presented a slideshow explaining how FDR's New Deal Conservation Program may be a possible solution to our modern debt problems. Afterwards, Lloyd asked what happened to Canada's reputation and found answers in oil and asbestos.

Green Advances
A post from showed us a futuristic Star Wars-inspired EV and explained how it became a reality. Next, Jaymi introduced a solar-powered iPad charger and case that puts efficiency and green living into one compact package. Finally, Lloyd shared a design for The Container of Hope which is sustainably created for people, not just stuff.

A.K. Streeter asked why more women don't bike and found that convenience may be the best answer out there. Later, Emma Grady showed a video of PACT Underwear and Sierra Club Stage's 'Beyond Coal' dance off and explained the difference it made. Bill McKibben then exhibited a different sort of activism with environmental leaders calling for civil disobedience to stop the Keystone CL tar sands pipeline. Lastly, Lloyd shared a laugh with a video showing the traffic violations of bikes in Toronto.

Jaymi questioned why business seems to ignore the potential benefits of sustainability.

So, that's the Thursday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!

The TreeHugger Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011
With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered over Thursday, June 23. Animals Sami told us why