The TreeHugger Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011

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With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered yesterday, Wednesday, June 15.
First, Lloyd told us of the impact of the hot water output of a power plant and the millions of fish it has already killed in the great lakes. The next post highlighted a more aggressive fish, as a shark attacked a wave-powered robot that we highlighted a few days ago. Rachel then dug up the truth of NYCs tax money and showed how it is being used to kill hundreds of city geese in an effort that has yet to be effective. We learned that London bees are in trouble too, but initiatives in coordination with the 2012 Olympic Games may be able to save them. Finally, a Connecticut mountain lion thought to have become extinct 100 years ago was just found - sadly killed by a car.

Eating Well
The issue of local food was argued by Sami in a post suggesting that supporting small-scale family farms may be just as important as cutting travel distance. Temperatures prove that summer is upon us and the next post gave 10 helpful hints for grilling this season. Lastly, food got very local with a post teaching us how to turn an old bathtub into a potato planter.

Michele Bachmann caught our eye in a post which questions her proposal for a bridge in Minnesota that violates the Wild and Scenic Rivers act. But, could it be a green move like she says? Afterwards, Sami alerted us to the ignored "alarmist" peak oil warnings from government staff. Finally, we learned of the Senate's vote to end ethanol subsidies and heard why it is a green decision.

Art & Style
First, a post introduced the new "salt & ethic" marketplace for sustainable style and showed us their summer styles. Then, we were taken through a newly released green graphic design book that invites readers to explore through the environmental efforts of different nations and do activities on the way. A furniture designer took upcycling to a beautiful level in a post that highlighted "farmpunk" furniture made of reclaimed farmhouse beams. Lighting took the remainder of the focus with one new solar lamp that has the ability to charge your cell phone and the announcement of the Philips Bright Ideas Lighting contest winner.

A push for solar power was emphasized early on with a post about solar powered car charging across England and the 5 million solar panels that have been installed in Bangladesh, so far. Next, Brian brought us a newsflash about China's plans to enforce strict energy codes to increase efficiency. Lastly, gasoline was assessed to be far more expensive than the complain-worthy $4 per gallon as the environmental costs were considered in a cool video which made a nice contrast to another post following the show "Fully Charged" and its drive around with the inventor of the electric car LEAF.

Green Thinking
First thing, Chris announced the Double Impact facebook game, which TreeHugger partnered to launch. It allows you to take quizzes and real life green challenges and donates money to a charity you choose for each task you complete! Next, the confusion over Coke and Pepsi's new plant-based bottle was cleared up in a post that explained what "plant-based" really means.

The Digital Environment
Jaymi explored a solution to the aging power grid problem, showing a 4mm chip that holds an entire grid and costs only a few dollars to make. Next, gift cards went digital in a post that explained the wastefulness of plastic gift cards and the new digital solution.

The Great Outdoors
Bonnie asked New Yorkers to get out and explore in a post that introduced a new illustrated map of central park that diagrams each of its 19,933 trees. Following, mobile homes are normally a method of exploring the outdoors but one turned very mobile as an entire home was stolen.

Lloyd told us why it was a big mistake to hire Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore to peddle vinyl windows and how he is bringing along negative press. Finally, a post shared OPEC's earnings for the year and estimated why the earned record high of $1 trillion reached that level.

A post by A.K. Streeter shared that visiting Dutch woman was recently ticketed in New York City for biking in a skirt that the cop deemed a dangerous distraction. What century is it again?

So, that's the Thursday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!

The TreeHugger Recap: Thursday, June 16, 2011
With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered yesterday, Wednesday, June 15. Animals First, Lloyd told us of the impact of