The TreeHugger Recap: Monday, July 18, 2011


Photo credit: Ryan McFarland via Zieak/CC BY

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered over Monday, July 18, 2011.Animals
Bonnie Hulkower introduced us to New York City's summer ecocruise where you can get a glimpse of the city's herons and egrets. After, Sami asked if sheep dogs will make a comeback for post peak oil farming. Finally, Stephen told us about the rare blue iguana that has been saved from extinction by conservationists.

Eating Well
Blythe shared recipes for 10 cold vegetarian soups that are perfect for summer days. Kelly then face a weekday vegetarian recipe for quiche with reblechon cheese and herbs. Later, Sami showed a video explaining how to grow food in a forest garden. Finally, we saw a meat-eaters guide that helps determine the carbon footprint of your diet.

Art & Style
Bonnie showed us an interesting telephone booth that was repurposed as a library. After, Lloyd discussed the future of 3D printing. He then introduces Tata's flatpack nano house, a truly condensed space. Later, Alex Davies shared a minimalist table and work desk that takes away all of the excess.

Sami told us how solar can continue large cost reductions before introducing a plan to install solar on 2,000 Hawaiian air force homes. Mat explained how the block off the grid program has grown to one nation off the grid. Next, Brian discussed the GOP rep who is stopping kids from learning about energy efficiency. Later, John Laumer gave us the two reasons why clean coal has moved off stage. Finally, Mike shared that wind power comprised 25% of US electric generating capacity additions in 2010.

Green Thinking
Lloyd uncovered the connection between air conditioning and how and where we live. He then showed a HipLock which can be worn as a belt and used as a bike lock, before noting the cooling advantages of elevated rooms. After, Mike called the first ever shipping emission regulation a good step but explained what else needs to happen on the front. Lastly, Brian asked whether a green writer should buy a hybrid.

Mat told us about the ruptured Yellowstone pipeline and its regularly carried sands oil. He then explained that forests soak up fossil fuel emissions, but deforestation releases more than previously thought. After, Brian announced that a BP pipeline is spilling oil onto the Alaskan tundra.

The Great Outdoors
An early post told us about a "lost generation" of cylclists traveling across Scandinavia to learn about North America. Later, Mike shared a poetic homage to the redwood forests of Northern California.

Green Advances
Brian showed us the ultimate in car sharing - electric box mobiles.

So, that's Monday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!