The TreeHugger Recap: Monday, August 1, 2011


Photo by Joi via Flickr CC

With ~30+ new posts on each weekday, we understand if you miss a post here and there. To keep you up-to-date, here's what we covered on Monday, August 1, 2011.Animals
Alex Davies informed us that New York dairy cows have gotten too hot in the heat wave to produce milk. Next, Jeff Kart shared the 40 high-risk species identified. Jaymi then gave a taste of Shark Week with a post about electric shark shields and a book review of "Demon Fish." After, Brian told us about a TV host who was offered endangered tiger meat in Burma. Mike announced that Atlantic salmon have returned to the Credit River for the first time in 100 years. Finally, Stephen showed unique software that recognizes monkey faces in order to identify them.

Eating Well
Sami explained why giving food away is good for business. After, he showed how excess farm harvests are being gleaned to feed the hungry. Kelly then shared a weekday vegetarian recipe for Bloody Mary tomato salad. Lastly, Mat exposed the USDA who has been hiding damning reports of antibiotic use on factory farms.

Art & Style
Bonnie showed one setting in which you can watch movies on recycled refrigerators. A.K. Streeter then shared 5 hardwood floor coverings for a small apartment. Next, we were asked to vote on the next Double Impact challenge by choosing the best way to dress sustainably. Finally, Kimberley Mok noted a beautiful composting shed woven from re-bar.

Sami announced the plan for London Weather Authority to install "15 football pitches" of solar across the city. He then explained why community-owned wind farms cure NIMBYism. After, Brian asked how wind and solar can help solve the global water crisis. Later, Rachel told us that Scholastic announced the end of their pro-coal curriculum.

Green Thinking
Blythe shared a green gift guide for back to school. Mat announced that regulators have said that there are lower cancer risks in the US nuclear power plant meltdown than previously assumed. After, Mike presented a Q & A with Tesla's chief designer and the Model S program director.

Mat informed us that if an oil spill happens in icy waters, there will be no way to clean it up.

The Great Outdoors
Mat told us that eight acres of New York City community gardens have been deeded to local land trusts. Jerry then listed the over a hundred state parks facing closure. Lastly, Jaymi explained why Yosemite trees are being chopped down just to enhance the view.

Brian explained why it is impossible to be both an environmentalist and a tea partier. After, he shared that the GOP has voted 110 times to block efforts to protect the environment since January.

Green Advances
Mike shared that GE is expanding the LED bulb lineup to include various wattages.

So, that's the Monday recap. If you like these posts, let us know and we'll consider doing more in the future!