The Trash Tycoon Facebook Game Launches Today!

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Today, September 6th, Trash Tycoon officially launches! It's been a long, hard, fun road getting to this point, and we owe a special thanks to all the beta testers who have been playing and submitting bugs and comments on the forums.

Now we're inviting you, the TreeHugger readers, to come check out the game. Some special features you should know about include an in-game TreeHugger feed and a TreeHugger shirt for your avatar!

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For the TreeHugger readers who might not be familiar with the game, here's a quick introduction:

Trash Tycoon is based around upcycling a variety of collectible trash resources into new productions and decorations, all in the name of restoring your city. The player starts out in a desolate, waste-dump of a town. Over time they can clean and upgrade buildings, collect trash, and recycle it into various products in order to complete goals and increase the greenness level of their city.

You can also cooperate with others to achieve these goals more efficiently! Players can help clean up other players cities, speed up the production of upcycled goods, and even chat and interact in real time. We also have programs with groups like so that every-time you purchase anything in the game, 10% gets donated to the carbon offset project of your choice! For more in-depth information on the gameplay itself, check out the FAQ over at our forums.

Additionally the launch will have loads of new features for those already participating in the Beta. We'll have more visible trash-tracking systems, upgradable production buildings, new items, new goals and more! Don't worry, we also have tons of post-launch content planned as well!

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We'd also like to thank our sponsors at Terracycle as well. In our game, real world Terracycle teams can join together to receive in-game bonuses and items. There's also a lot of great unique Terracycle items in the game: everything from upcycled lunch boxes, to Terracycle clothing for your avatar. Beyond that, they've just been wonderful in terms of providing support and inspiration for loads of in-game content, so check them out here and if you're a part of a Terracycle team already, make sure to use our Teams function to meet up in game!

So come check out the game if you haven't already, and please remember to stay in touch and contribute your valuable feedback, ideas, comments or just chat via:

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