The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products by Edwin Datschefski

The-Total-Beauty-of-Sustain.jpgEdwin Datschefski has been tracking the growth of eco-design for over a dozen years now. In this lavishly photographed and designed book, he has elected to show that a better world is already here. Everything that you touch on a given day is replaced with a more sustainable option. These are not airy-fairy, future concepts but products you can buy today. In this is an idealised day-in-the-life of a modern Treehugger, selected goods from all over the world have been gathered together into one persons green life. Edwin wants us to see that a more sustainable lifestyle is not only possible but most of its elements are currently with us. And they are good looking too. No scratchy sack cloth need apply. A rich, treasure trove of green optimism. If only the books high production values had not bumped its purchase price out of the reach of the many who would have benefited from the content. If wallet challenged, maybe encourage your local library to obtain a copy.

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