The December Zeitgeist

We thought Mr. Splashypants would swim away with the prize but the glow-in-the-dark bike pedalled into the lead. Both posts show that there is nothing like a bit of controversy to get readers interested! Not including the Gift Guides, which dominated, the top posts of the month of December:


1) New Light Glows For 12 Years: But is it TreeHugger? The product is marketed as non-radioactive and the promoter reiterated this in the comments. In a strict sense it is true, because the beta radiation cannot escape through the beads it is encased in, but it is clear from the patent application that this is radioactive tritium lighting up a phosphor. Thanks to our readers for digging up the truth!

2) Name That Whale, Quickly! Readers disagreed with Bonnie's suggestion that Mr. Spashypants was a silly name for a whale and told us so in almost 200 comments. Go Mr. Splashypants!

3) Printing Out Buildings: It is an art museum and alpine ice research station in Évolène, Switzerland. (We suppose like Joni Mitchell's Tree Museum, we are going to need Ice Museums). They are going to build it with a monster CNC machine in Lausanne, like stacking up a loaf of bread. more after the jump...


4) Solar Tree Hits the Streets, and Passes the Test: When we first saw the solar tree concept by Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove we really were pretty taken aback. It is a gorgeous example of a marriage between form and function. However, often such concepts remain just that – concepts. This one didn't.

5) Finding Geothermal Energy Just Got Easy: scientists have found an easy way to tell if geothermal energy could be bubbling up in your neck of the find a geothermal hot spot for energy generation, measure the helium isotope ratio in groundwater, and if it is high in helium-3 you have yourself a potential spot to drill.

6) It's Not A Billboard, It's a Power Plant
7) Church Converted into Bookshop
8) Hanging Out in the Mall
9) More on Brad Pitt's Designs for New Orleans
10) It's a Wrap

Our perennial favorite, How to Green Your Sex Life, is used to determine the GYSL index- how many posts drew more viewers? The index this month is 5.