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giant isopod sea monster photo

Photo: Gwynzer

Random idea, I know, but you know what might be fun? Condensing the entire year into some sort of list! Has anyone tried this before? I'll look into it, but in the meantime, please enjoy this (first ever?) year-end recap-style list.Ranked in descending order of page views sent from StumbleUpon, you could say these 51 posts were democratically elected by the StumbleUpon community as the best! It's good stuff too! We ran the numbers and are fairly certain 93% of you reading this right now will find at least one post interesting. And if you find yourself in that sad 7% that is bored with what is listed below, try the StumbleThru TreeHugger button in the top right of this page to discover something else on TreeHugger or head on over to to find even more great content.

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Happy New Year!

1. Cthulhu's Pet? Giant Isopod (2.5 Feet!) Found Attached To Underwater Robot

2. Mini-Slideshow: Tiny Dragon Similar to Avatar's Turoks

3. Curious Whales Check Out Photographers with Stunning Results

4. The True Size and Importance of Africa (Map)

5. Shape-Shifting Battery Smooshes To Fit Sizes AA-D

6. Finally Something To Do With Empty CD/DVD Spindles

7. Almost Invisible Mirrored Tree House Built In Sweden

8. Rare Bee Species Lives Alone, Makes Nest Out of Flower Petals

9. The MacGyver Approach to Winter Biking (Zip Ties!)

10. Speed Camera Lottery Could Save Lives and Fuel! (Video)

11. New Solar Cell is 98% Plastic and Catches a Record-Breaking 96% of Incident Light

12. This Device Provides Clean Water for Pennies a Day

13. Banksy Turns Kiddie Ride Into Anti-BP Statement

14. Photos of the Very Rare Pink Katydid

15. Steampunk Worthy Furniture Made From Naval Mines (Photos)

16. Melting Steel With Only the Sun (Video)

17. Jaguar Unveils the C-X75 PHEV Supercar (With 4 Electric Motors and 2 Gas Micro-turbines)

18. Designer Creates Fake Rocks That Help Save Water

19. Week in Animal Photos: Unlikely Friends, Creative Elephants, and More

20. Battlefield Battery Can Be Powered With Pee

21. Look Ma, No Solder: Amazing Scrap Sculptures Of Wildlife By Edouard Martinet (Photos)

22. Modern Robin Hood Frees Endangered Whale by Cutting Rope with Crossbow

23. Super Summer Project: Two Young Designers, One Idea A Day

24. Air-Purifying Road Surface Eats 45% of NOx Pollution

25. Transformer Furniture: A Sofa Bed With A Twist

26. Burning Tap Water and More: GASLAND Exposes the Natural Gas Industry

27. Bold Beachgoers Save a Stranded Great White Shark

28. Newly Discovered Wasp Species Enslaves Spiders

29. Y'Know the Flying Dragons in Avatar? Tiny Real-Life Version Photographed in Indonesia

30. No, This Is Why You're Fat!

31. Trees Photographed in Infrared [PICS]

32. Floating Pool Concept Could Clean NYC Waters "Like a Giant Strainer"

33. Buffalino: Squeezing A Lot Into A Tiny RV

34. Artful Jellyfish-like Bowls From Upcycled Plastic PET Bottles (Photos)

36. Awe Inspiring Seed Cathedral Wows at Shanghai World Expo 2010 (Photos)

37. Chimps Found Deactivating Snares Set By Human Bushmeat Hunters

38. GOP Candidate: Bike Sharing Threatens Our Personal Freedoms

39. NASA Creates World's First Global Forest Map Using Lasers

40. Family of Four Grows Their Food in a Swimming Pool

41. Living Bridges in India Have Grown for 500 Years (Pics)

42. 18 Weird and Wonderful Places To Live: Churches, Bunkers, Water Towers and Caves

43. First Hourglass Dolphin in 150 Years Found on New Zealand Shores

44. Fascinating New Species Found in Papua New Guinea

45. Weekday Vegetarian: Samosas

46. TED Talk: Are Plants Intelligent Beings?

47. Stop Signs Turned Into Giant Flowers!

48. Banksy Continues His Environmental Theme in Graffiti

49. Gorgeous Garage Conversion By Shed Architects

50. Feed Your Kids to a Shark-Shaped Sleeping Bag

51. Artist Makes Machines of Dead Animals

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