TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Cradle to Cradle: Cradle to Cradle Online Community by Bill McDonough
"Michael Braungart and I are very happy to announce the online community for Cradle to Cradle is now open! We look forward to participating actively through this blog and by appearing for live chats in the discussion forum from time to time. Please encourage people you know who are interested in Cradle to Cradle design to sign up at"

Inhabitat: The Personal Podcar by Jorge Chapa
"Travelers to London are in for a green transportation treat when traveling from terminal to terminal. The ULTra PRT, by Advanced Transport Systems LTD, is a Personal Rapid Transit vehicle which has the potential to change the way that we travel within cities (and more specifically, airports in this case) around the world."Intelligent Travel: This Little Piggy Saved the Planet by Jeannette Kimmel
"The lodge serves as a protective barrier to the flora- and fauna-rich Corcovado National Park (it raises money to fund park rangers to patrol the park), they only use biodegradable products for guests and employees, and renewable materials were used (about 70%) to build the bungalows. But perhaps most intriguingly, they have an extensive waste management system that employs its pigs to make renewable energy."

Natural Collection: Carnival of the Green #102 by Al Tepper
"We have been very busy re-launching the Natural Collection website (including the UK's first ever 'Eco Gift' List' service) but are always happy to make time to participate in this wonderful green blog event."

Two Steps Forward: The Greening of Travel and Tourism, from Asia to Alabama by Joel Makower. "My travels over the past month have included speeches to two very different audiences on the same topic: The future of travel and tourism, as seen through an environmental lens. Based on these and other calls I'm getting, it seems that this industry is starting to pay attention . . . but only starting."