TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


DH Love Life: Natural Wonder - Channel Islands, California by Daryl Hannah
Daryl has made a beautiful video this week of her trip to the Channel Islands. The eight Islands are a protected national park where elephant seals, brown pelicans, and island foxes live in an unspoilt wilderness.

Eco-Chic: Nukes 'R'nt Us by Starre Vartan
'Here on the East Coast, Indian Point is the worst of the worst. Even if you believe it has a perfect safety record, (which it emphatically doesn't) it's way too close to major population centers (like the most densely packed part of the country, including New York City) and would be a perfect terrorist target. I, along with other folks, including Remy Chevalier, are working to shut it down.'Eco-Street: Tetra Pak talks about recycling by Tracy Stokes
'It wasn't good news for the environment when the only reprocessing plant dedicated to the recycling of Tetra Pak cartons in the UK was closed down this summer. But things are looking up as Tetra Pak moves into talks with a number of UK paper mills in an attempt to to reach a 10% recycling rate by 2008 in the UK.'

Frugal For Life: Carnival of the Green #41 by Dawn
The Carnival takes a comic turn this week with Frugal For Life at the helm. Dawn says 'I love comics and the rare time I come across a good "green" one in the mainstream media, I like to hold on to it. Finally, I have the chance to get a few out of my folder and posted for everyone to enjoy.'

Green LA Girl: Organic food via fossil fuels? by Siel
Just in case you hadn't notices it's all about the lady bloggers on this week's Blog Love so we can't leave out Miss Green LA Girl who's talking about tough times for organic farmers. 'It's hard out there for an organic farmer, even while more people're turning to organic food. Right now, California's organic farms are struggling with a labor shortage.'