TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Organic Reseacher: Carnival Of The Green by Matt Reed
How serendipitous that our weekly ritual of giving thanks to all our fellow green bloggers happens to fall on the yearly tradition that is Thanksgiving. Even if your not in the States eating turkey today we encourage you to give thanks anyway, starting with this week's host of the Carnival!

Freshtopia: Pumpkin Pie Soup by Oscar and Tanja
Since we're on a Thanksgiving theme here we'd better pop over to Freshtopia to see what Tanja's rustled up in her kitchen for dinner. It's sure to be local, organic, healthy and delicious with a bit of a twist. "Ok, Pumpkin Pie Soup, it sounds a little crazy but you should give it a shot."EcoIron: Wintel is from Mars, OLPC is from Venus by Mark Ontkush.
'The first OLPC's (I'll just turn that into a noun) have rolled off the assembly lines. From a green perspective, I'm excited about the project for a variety of reasons.'

Green Belt Blog: Historic Moment for the Green Belt Movement by Betty Oyugi. 'The signing of the Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) between the World Bank and the Green Belt Movement (GBM) on Wednesday this week was an event to be relived Prof. Maathai said at the occasion that one needed not to have an education to plant trees. Anyone, she said, can plant a tree.'

Green LA Girl: Buy Nothing Day Tomorrow by Siel
Always ahead of the rest Siel looks past today's holiday and onto to tomorrow's Buy Nothing Day. "If Buy Local Day was a bit of a challenge for you, Buy Nothing Day might actually be easier — cuz it totally cuts you off from consumer culture, cold turkey. Very appropriate for the day after Thanksgiving."