Sneak Peek: The TreeHugger Green Index

Today we are happy to preview the brand new TreeHugger Green Index! In partnership with the Daylife people (who we've written about here), we've created the first "green index". It works a bit like a stock market index, except that instead of tracking stocks, it tracks mentions of certain key green phrases in the media. It's a way to gauge how much mindshare certain concepts have and see if they are gaining or losing ground compared to last week. Not very scientific, but lots of fun! After the jump you can see a live version of the TreeHugger Green Index.

Here it is. It's fairly self-explanatory.

New keywords can be added to it (send your suggestions in the comments below), and if you click on an entry, you can see more details and read recent new stories on that particular topic.

This is what we call the TreeHugger Green Index "badge". It shows the direction the index is moving this week and will link back to the permanent home of the TreeHugger Green Index. We'll make code available that you can cut & paste in your blog if you want to show the badge and have an easy way to keep track of the green index.

It is the first time that we show the TreeHugger Green Index in public, and we're hoping that everything is working correctly, but if you notice something wrong, please let us know in the comments (and including your operating system and browser). Also, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Thank you.