Show Some Webby Awards Love to Our Pals at Discovery


As Mike noted yesterday TreeHugger is really honored be a Webby Awards Honoree honoree this year, in the "blog cultural/personal category" (we won in that category last year). But we want spread some of the love to our pals at Discovery, who garnered a handful of Webby Awards nominations as well. got two (Best Copy Writing and Podcasts), Discovery Channel got three: Discovery News (News Website); Sharkrunners (Games Website); and Mike's Got Mail (Reality Video) and Discovery Networks International's I, VIDEO GAME (Television Website) was also nominated. Way to go team!

Joining TreeHugger as Webby Awards nominees are Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK Video Mixer (Best Use of Video or Moving Image), Discovery Channel's The Buster Story Webisodes (Video, Comedy Series, Long Form or Series), and Discovery Networks International's I, VIDEO GAME (Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics). Woot!

Since the Webby's don't accept votes for their honorees, we're asking that you vote for our Discovery teammates, instead. Click on over to the Webby's voting site to get started; thanks again to everyone who nominated TreeHugger, and congrats to everyone at Discovery for the nominations! ::Webby Awards, ::Discovery Channel,, and ::Discovery Networks International

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